Zipp 900 Disc Wheel

Zipp 900 Disc Wheel 300x200 Zipp 900 Disc Wheel

Zipp 900 Disc Wheel

For a long time Zipp has been the gold standard for time trialists. Zipp disc wheels, and their range of carbon deep section wheels has been the aspiration of just about every time trialist, and even used Zipp wheels hold a pretty good value. The downside has always been the price. By the time a triathlete or time trialer has invested in their super-aero bike, shelling out another few grand for just one wheel was often impossible. With the Zipp 900 disc wheel, Zipp finally produces a wheel that most aero-freaks can afford.

Get into the 9-series

Don’t get me wrong. The Zipp 900 doesn’t compare to the fancy Super-9 and sub-9 wheels, but it’s a top class disc wheel nonetheless. If your wallet can’t stretch to those two Zipp superstars, the 900 may be just what you need. It’s no slouch either – after all, it did carry Kristin Armstrong to an Olympic Time Trial gold medal.

For many time trialists –especially smaller riders, the problem with discs has always been weight.  How can you get the aero benefits of a disc wheel without slowing down your back end so much you can’t fly off the start or race up the slopes? Well, the Zipp 900 tops out at only 936g, so you needn’t worry.  Even at the lower price of $1630, it’s still a pretty light wheel, at least for a disc. Really light riders, or those who can’t put out a lot of power, should still think twice about adding any disc – even this one – and maybe opt for a superlight deep section rear wheel instead.  But if you can manage the disc, or you race predominantly on flat courses, then the Zipp 900 may be the perfect wheel to introduce you to the joys of a disc.

Low risk and high option

The price brings another benefit – if you’re serious about time trials or triathlon, the 900 wheel might just be cheap enough to add it to a nice set of deep section race wheels. Put it on when the course is flat and the headwind tough, and leave it behind for steep courses or high crosswinds. If you switch to the track in the winter, you can swap out the Zipp 900 for a track set up. Not bad at the price.

There’s no doubt this is the poor relation of the Zipp 9-series. It’s not as light, it’s not as fast, but it cheaper and tougher. Heavy riders (up to 275lbs) can hitch it up without worry. If you’re not sure if a disc is right for you, then you can give this one a try without the huge financial outlay of the really top-end disc wheels. And with Zipp written all over it, if it doesn’t work out for you – or it works out so well you want an even better disc – then you can be sure you’ll get a fair price for it on the used disc wheel market.

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