Zipp Super-9 Disc Wheel

Zipp Super 9 Disc Wheel 295x300 Zipp Super 9 Disc Wheel

Zipp Super 9 Disc Wheel

With the release of the amazingly fast Sub-9 disc, Zipp really hit the mark for the best disc wheel on the market. Super light, super fast, and super stable, there wasn’t much missing from the Zipp Sub-9. So what makes Zipp’s Super-9 disc wheel different? And does anything make it better?

The Zipp Sub-9 was designed to roll all day.  That makes it ideal for longer time trials and triathlons, or courses where hills are in abundance. The Super-9 is a different animal. This wheel is for all-out high-power effort, and that means short, fast, flat courses.

Not your average Zipp…

With the Super-9, Zipp abandons its trademark toroidal (curved) profile and opts for an uncharacteristic flat surface, although you still get Zipp's dimples of course! This makes for a stiffer disc, but to make up for the loss of aero ‘push’ (Zipp’s famous ‘negative drag’), they have made is suspiciously wide.  The result is a wheel that seems to power through the air, but which is disconcertingly unforgiving on corners and if you hit even the slightest bump.

That said, the Super-9 wheel doesn’t have the same chainstay issues as the Sub-9, or even the Zipp 1080 wheelset. However, Zipp isn’t out of the compatibility woods with the Super-9 yet.  Some frames that use integrated aero brakes may still have some clearance problems. Once again, Zipp has designed a perfect disc wheel, except they forgot that it has to be able to go on a bike.

For professionals only

The Super-9 disc is a specialist wheel. Nothing is easy about it. This wheel is mega stiff – so you need to be a powerhouse rider, only ride smooth, straight courses, or keep it for the track.  This wheel is not for hilly, windy triathlon courses, and on any time trial over 40K this wheel will wear you out with buffeting and tough cornering.  Even the hubs are stiff. As with many disc wheels, you’ll need to fit a long valve extender to get the air in and keep the pressure up – and you are pretty much restricted to Zipp’s own Tangente tires.  So what do you get for all this discomfort and hassle? A disc wheel that weighs less than 1000g and which will transfer every watt of your power straight to the road – or the track. Thankfully, at least with the Zipp Super-9, Zipp has a disc wheel that can go on a track bike.

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